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In a confusing & often contradictory forum of knowledge & hyberbole...recommendations & rancor, we at Orca bay have charted our own heading when it comes to responsible seafood business. We call it Common Sense Sourcing.

Precision portioning, quality control, distribution & skilled logistics - they are all executed to perfection within our 20,000 square foot processing center.

For decades Orca Bay has been providing our foodservice customers with a full line of steaks, fillets, portions & crab items - sized & packed for every menu imaginable.

How many tempting gourmet indulgences come doctor recommended?

Discover enticing recipe ideas for all of our Orca Bay selections.
Whether you're in a hurry, or ready to roll up your sleeves & go gourmet, we've got you covered.

This is a line-up that truly connect with seafood lovers. It is the gem in any supermarket's frozen section which gives you 365 days access to the most delicious seafood on the planet-portioned with care, packaged with panache & always premium quality.

Seafood cinema! - see the inner workings of Orca Bay's production plant & more...

Salmon from Alaska, mahi from Ecuador, scallops from Japan - we source seafood from all points of the globe & every selection has a story to tell.