Who are we?

Hi there, we’re Orca Bay Foods! A Seattle-based food processing company with North American distribution of fish, crab, value added seafood, battered and breaded vegetables, and meat substitutes and vegan products. Founded in 1983, we first opened our processing plant in 1992 and the rest is history! In 2019, Orca Bay merged with Odyssey Foods and grew to where we are today – an expanded processing plant in South Seattle (70,000 square feet!) and office headquarters in SoDo.

What do we do?

Well, we start with our own processing facility. Why is that noteworthy? It allows us to bring you a wide range of standard items as well as tailoring items to meet specific merchandising approaches or even different regional needs. With a broad range of long term suppliers, we source our products locally, as well as globally. Our experienced and dedicated staff – in sales and production – flex their creativity to adapt to customer needs and ever changing markets! We cover food from concept to commercialization, creating personal relationships and approaches with every customer. We’ve grown a lot over the years, but we still are who we have always been: a company who starts with you – because when our customers find success, we find success. Drop us a line and best fishes!

Our Products & Process

Quality is numero uno – seafood that’s on par with stuff in the fresh case, if not even better. Our portions are meal-sized and ready for the pan, oven or grill. Thawing instructions are clear and simple and our recipe base keeps on growing.

Our state-of-the art production facility in Seattle, WA makes us proud to remain as one of the great American seafood processors. The premium fish that we bring to you is frozen immediately after harvest at the very peak of freshness. The product is then expressed to our climate controlled facility where it is skillfully portioned and packed with an unwavering eye towards quality and food safety.