This day and age there is a “day” for everything. Taco Tuesday, National Donut Day, Sibling Day, you name it, it’s there. Today, August 10th, is the 2nd official (three years if you count social media buzz) Alaska Wild Salmon Day and though it may get lost in the midst of all the other days it is very special to us at Orca Bay. Celebrate with us by saving 10% off Alaska Wild Salmon on Orca Direct (use code: alaskawildsalmon).

Although we source other Alaska species (cod, flounder, crab, halibut, sablefish, pollock, etc), today is SALMON’s day and our Orca Bay Sockeye Salmon comes from the Bristol Bay region. The Bristol Bay region in southwest Alaska covers 40,000 square miles of pristine tundra, wetlands, rivers, & watershed. This is an environment remote to commercial & industrial development. Over 40 million sockeye salmon return to this area each year. This Fishery remains an international model for responsible harvesting and a climate of fairness & ethics in regards to those who fish, as well as those who are employed in the processing facilities. We proudly source all of our Alaska Sockeye from Bristol Bay.

Thank you.

And now for a quick & free grammar lesson on why it is ALASKA SEAFOOD and not ALASKAN SEAFOOD. Alaskan is commonly misused when Alaska is the correct term. The Associated Press Stylebook for Alaska explains that Alaskan is a noun referring to a person who lives in Alaska. It is never an adjective except in a proper name. (Example below is sourced from the University of Alaska Fairbanks):


“Alaskan” is a noun describing a person, not a place — never “Alaskan city,” for example.

“The professors are longtime Alaskans.”

When you’re not using “Alaska” as a proper noun, use it as an adjective to describe things.

“Lots of us who live in Alaska love to eat Alaska salmon and berries.”


The exact same way we refer to Washington Wine, California Cheese, Florida Oranges, etc… (Just don’t ask us why Hawaiian pineapples are referred to as so…)

Photo Credit: Our talented Alaska harvester friends Nelly & Michael Hand of Drifters Fish.






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