Over ten years ago our industry came together and collectively raised over $40,000 for cancer research. This overwhelming generosity and success of Sea A Cure was moving but not that much of a surprise as it is likely you know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer – perhaps you or your spouse; relative, coworker, neighbor or friend – someone in your life’s circle who has heard the words, “You have cancer.” 

Fast forward to today. October is National Seafood Month and Breast Cancer Awareness month. Let’s out do ourselves ten years later as the battle against cancer continues. Trish Haaker is our cofounder and Senior Vice President. Celebrating over 30 years with Orca Bay and 25 years of marriage with our Creative Director, Grant Haaker, Trish is an inspiration to many not only as a successful women in the corporate seafood world but striking the perfect balance with work/life. Moreover, she herself is a survivor of breast cancer. Read below a personal account from Trish and what Sea A Cure meant to her in 2005 and why your help can make a huge impact on cancer research.

Over 15 years ago I heard the most frightening words you can hear, you have breast cancer – with that, a confusing, frustrating & fearful journey had begun.

I was lucky. Not only did I have an amazing team of doctors, a loving supportive group of family and friends, plus an incredible “extended family” at Orca Bay who went above and beyond, but I also had a whole seafood industry rally around me. You can’t help but be strong when you have so many positive prayers and thoughts coming your way as you battle each day through multiple surgeries and chemo. Sea A Cure was born to help raise money for research and to provide a financial safety net for those in need of the support that I had been so blessed with. All of us have had a loved one impacted by the disease, so it’s truly a shared cause. With the launch of this effort, my family, friends, fellow Orcans and the entire seafood industry came through once more. The health benefits of eating seafood are obvious and every year, new research arrives to support this fact. I have the luxury of working in an industry that furnishes us all with the perfect protein – clearly, eating seafood is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. Now, we have decided it is time to launch SEA A CURE once more – to help raise money, but also to help elevate the awareness to consume more seafood. Our message is simple – there is a universe of seafood choices from all over the world offered by a myriad of fine companies. The beauty is, it doesn’t matter which company you buy from or whether you select Shrimp, Mahi, Crab, Salmon or any another species of your choosing. You might prepare a meal at home…or enjoy the creations of a fine restaurant. You can sample the choices at your favorite club store or neighborhood grocery…or pull up a keyboard and order fish online. The point is, menu or market, fresh or frozen, bistro or backyard barbecue – we want you to eat and enjoy the healthy gifts of seafood! To quote the father of medicine, Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

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Trish Haaker with Orca Bay President, Ryan Mackey, circa 1990.



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