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Since the Summer of 2015, the word on the Nutrition World streets is a revamp of the Nutritional Labeling and Education Act (NLEA) Panel, commonly referred to “Nutrition Facts” on the labels of food product we consume.

Here are changes you should expect to see, simply put:

It’s the same but not. Though the design will remain pretty close to the current iconic label, the CALORIC VALUE will be boosted in type size. The % Daily Value (DV) will be listed first, in hopes to help consumers visualize the nutrition as part of a total daily diet. In addition to the %DV the actual amount of calories will also be displayed in milligrams or micrograms. Calories will be listed per household measure as shown above “Amount per 2/3 cup” versus the former “Amount per serving”. Servings per container will be listed before serving size.

Size matters and in the last 20 years we’ve been eating more than what most labels are listing as a serving size. Serving sizes on labels will now reflect what is customarily eaten, not the amount we should or shouldn’t be eating. This also applies to foods that are commonly eaten in one sitting (Think: ice cream cone).

Bye bye, Vitamin C and Vitamin A! Welcome, Potassium and Vitamin D! The good news? National Healthy and Nutrition Examination Survey results showed that the US is no longer suffering from Vitamin C or Vitamin A deficiencies the way we once were. Food companies can choose to keep them on NLEA labels but they are no longer mandatory. On the opposite end of that spectrum, there is a Vitamin D and Potassium deficiency across the board and these Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) and percentages will have to be listed. Both Vitamin D and Potassium are both connected to bone, heart, and mental health.

My name is Carbohydrates but my friends call me Carbs. Love them or hate them carbohydrates will be listed by its nickname, “Carbs”. Total Carbs will also have “added sugars” listed directly beneath it. Added sugars are different from natural occurring sugars as they are added during the processing or making of the food product.

Let’s try explaining things a bit better this time around.The % Daily Value footnote has been deemed confusing, and is being reworked to help better paint the bigger picture of % Daily Values. In the meantime, just remember your Recommended Daily Value (RDA) is unique to your age, activity level, overall health and height. Currently, all packages are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, which may not be your RDA – something to keep in mind when crunching numbers and popping open a bag of potato chips.

Eat Responsibly,

Lilani Estacio
Orca Bay Seafoods Inc, Staff Nutritionist


FullSizeRenderA life-long dancer and athlete, Lilani Estacio translated her passion for health and fitness to a BS in Nutritional Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Lilani has always been passionate about enjoying healthful, delicious meals. As one of five children, Lilani grew up witnessing large meals bringing together her even larger family in the kitchen and beyond. Lilani joined Orca Bay in 2015, after sharpening her marketing skills at the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute and spending over five years collaborating in a test kitchen on fresh recipes at Dole Food Company. When she is not educating consumers and buyers about the benefits of healthful eating, Lilani can also be found advocating an overall healthy lifestyle by teaching Bar Method, representing Zello PRO athletic clothing and accessories, and volunteering as a nutritionist for Solid Grounds and No Kid Hungry/Cooking Matters and is on the Board of Directors of the City of Hope Pacific Northwest Food Industries Circle.



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