8 tips when you are putting another fish on the Barbie

  • Pick a Hearty Fish: It’s easier to work with a sturdy fish like halibut, tuna, swordfish, haddock, salmon, or mahi-mahi
  • Clean Your Grill: When the coals or flames are at their hottest close the lid and let your grill self-clean for 5 minutes. Afterwards oil the grates with a cloth or paper towel soaked in your choice of oil.
  • Man Handle your Fish, correctly: If you are working with shrimp or scallops try using pointed tongs and with portions use in combination with a flat, sturdy spatula.
  • Skin on, please. : If you have the option to keep the skin on. This will hold the fish together in one piece. Bonus lots of flavor and omega-3s hide out in the skin. If skin isn’t your thing try a fish basket or making a foil or parchment packet or a plank instead.
  • Get Creative: Whether it’s a combination of dry spices, fresh herbs, or a delicious marinade take advantage of the versatility of fish including what you decide to pair it with.
  • Fish on Planks: Whether it’s untreated cedar, alder or maple the subtle woodsy flavor will go well with your fiavorite fish. Make sure to soak the plank in water for about an hour prior to grilling.
  • Just a peek: Lift a corner for a quick peek under the fish. Once a firm crust forms it’s safe to move.
  • Timing is everything: Cook for about 10 minutes per inch of thickness. If you are able to flake your fish it is done.


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Happy Grilling.



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