It’s almost officially Spring, St. Paddy’s Day is around the corner, and we are midLent season. We have two AMAZING recipes that are festively green but even more delicious than they are festive.

Beer broth clams

St. Paddy’s Clams with Beer Broth


2 lbs. clams, cleaned
3 cloves garlic, shaved
2 medium shallots, sliced
1 bottle lager (can substitute with chicken broth)
4 pieces of cooked bacon, crumbled
Spinach & Parsley puree (recipe below**)

Heat a pan on medium high with 1 tablespoon vegetable oil. Add shallots and sweat. Add garlic and cook until golden. Add clams, bacon, and toss well. Add beer or broth and cover. Once clams open turn off the heat and add the spinach puree. Toss well and serve with Parmesan bread sticks.

**Spinach and Parsley Puree

1 bunch, no stems spinach leaves
1 bunch, no stems parsley leaves
1/2 cup oil
1/2 tablespoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
3 tablespoons butter
Blanch and shock spinach and parsley in water then squeeze dry. In blender add oil and turn on high then add spinach and parsley to puree. Add butter and salt and pepper.

St. Paddys Day halibut 2

St. Paddy’s Day Halibut and Pea Puree


1 lb. Orca Bay Halibut loins or steaks
Pea puree (recipe below)
Basil oil (recipe below)
Arugula puree (recipe below)
Mama Lil’s Chili’s in oil, to taste
Pea shoots, garnish

Add oil to saute pan on medium high heat. Add halibut and cook for 1-2 minutes then turnover to sear other side. Add butter and put pan in oven on 400 degrees. Cook for 3 minutes, remove and rest. Plate with a dollop of pea and parsnip puree in the center of the plate. Drizzle plate with arugula puree and basil oil, top halibut with chilis and Pea shoots to garnish.

**Pea and Parsnip Puree
12 oz. baby peas, blanched
8 oz. parsnips, peeled, diced, and boiled
6 oz. stock, vegetable or chicken
1/4 cup cream
salt and pepper, to taste
Put ingredients into blender and blitz as smooth as can be. Pass through a strainer if needed.

**Basil Oil
8 oz basil leaves
1/2 cup oil

Pick stems from leaves, blanch in salted water and shock in cold water, squeeze dry. In blender with 1/2 cup oil on high, add basil leaves and blitz for 30 seconds or until smooth. Be careful not to over work, basil will turn brown from the heat. Allow to rest for an hour then strain oil.

**Arugula Puree
8 oz. arugula
1/4 cup hazelnuts, roasted
1/2 cup oil
Blanch in salted water and shock arugula, squeeze dry. In blender on high with 1/2 cup oil add arugula and blitz until smooth. Add salt and pepper to taste. Finish with a 1/4 cup hazelnuts.



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