Sockeye salmon is more than a rich-flavored, healthy meal. Trace its journey from ocean to plate and see the jobs it provides across the country, the sustainable fishing operations, and the uniquely American industry rooted in pristine Bristol Bay. A video of Leader Creek Fisheries, photos from fisherman-photographer, Chris Miller, and a recipe from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute reveal that sockeye nourishes not just the body, but a way of life.


Credit to: Harvesting – Chris Miller; Processing – Thank you Leader Creek for letting us ‘hover’; Dining – Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute




…that’s the plan for the endangered southern resident orca whales. There was no telling 32 years ago what exactly the orca whale would end up meaning when our founders¬†stumbled across an appealing ¬†“Orca Bay” wooden sign in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square. They offered the shop owner $100 for it and that was the beginning of […]

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