…that’s the plan for the endangered southern resident orca whales.

There was no telling 32 years ago what exactly the orca whale would end up meaning when our founders stumbled across an appealing  “Orca Bay” wooden sign in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square. They offered the shop owner $100 for it and that was the beginning of our seafood company.

Fast forward 3 decades later and Orca Bay Seafoods has grown a deep, personal interest in the Pacific Northwest Orcas and the $100 that once bought the rights to our namesake may not seem like very much in 2016 but according to Ken Balcomb of The Center for Whale Research (CWR) every dollar donated can help them continue to:

  • Expand monitoring of the whales to better document their health, population dynamics, behavior, and changing use of habitat, even as their range is shifting.

  • Take a 3-river system approach to the Columbia, Skagit and Fraser Rivers that provide the key wild salmon food source for the whales by collaborating with organizations and scientists to enhance wild salmon runs and provide the whale component that is otherwise incomplete without CWR.

  • Be the voice for the whales by continuing to put our science in the hands of policy-makers and educating the media, area schools and community members.

  • Partner with federal and state agencies, non-profit whale and salmon advocacy organizations, and lawyers to ensure they have the most up-to-date information as they do everything they can to feed and recover the whales.

  • 97% of donations directly support research and education programs.

  • $250,000 fundraising goal to undertake year-round Orca Survey and expand education and outreach program.

Upon discussion with the CWR team we learned that they need our help more than ever. There are only EIGHTY surviving whales and the lack of food supply is a top priority for CWR. As Balcomb has said, “I can’t just sit around and count these whales to death.” As a Pacific Northwest founded and based company, neither could we.

We are proud sponsors and contributors of RESEARCH + ACTION = RECOVERY and will continue to contribute proceeds & product to the efforts of CWR. In addition, we are here to help them continue to educate not only local PNW residents but the world.

To learn more about their efforts, research, and encounters you can sign up at the bottom of this page under “Orca Bay Cares”.

Check into the 12 Days of Fishmas to see how you could be gifted an annual CWR membership.


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