The use of antibiotics in aquaculture continues to be a topic of concern to many consumers.

Please be assured that we share those concerns and strictly adheres to the FDA policy of zero tolerance for unapproved antibiotics and fungicides used in aquaculture operations. In accordance with HACCP importer guidelines we require annual letters of guarantee on file from our aquaculture suppliers confirming they are in complete compliance with the FDA’s Fish and Fishery Products Hazards and Controls Guidance (4th Edition). This includes FDA’s zero tolerance policy for unapproved antibiotics and fungicides.

Although we are only required by the FDA to conduct periodic testing, Orca Bay has voluntarily elected to test 100% of all imported shipments. Beginning in 2008 we contracted with SGS and NSF; globally accredited 3rd party inspection firms to test our products prior to shipment to the United States. Depending upon the species we follow the FDA Import Alert Guidelines and test not only for unapproved aquaculture antibiotics and fungicides but also histamine, mercury and microbiological levels of the products we import.




Eat your seafood, it’s good for you!

As a nutritionist and veteran seafood professional I have known all along that seafood was not only delicious but an amazing source of nutrients including Vitamin D, protein, selenium, and Omega-3s. For the past several years as the USDA finessed the updated Dietary Guidelines there were murmurs of seafood getting its long awaited spotlight, earlier […]

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