Orca Bay was the brain child of two top Seafood executives in 1980s. When they promised Trish Haaker, that if she jumped ship to help start the company she wouldn’t regret it – they kept their promise! Their vision for Orca Bay was to bring a better value direct to their customers by providing a higher quality,all natural frozen seafood than what was being sold in the market three decades ago. The iconic whale icon was stumbled upon in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square district when a shop’s wooden orca sign caught the eye of the three founders — they offered the owner $100 for it.

30+ years later Orca Bay still employs, Haaker, along side many other multi-decade “Orcans” including President Ryan Mackey. Mackey began his career fresh out of college as a fork lift driver in the Orca Bay warehouse. After leaving for a European snowboarding trip, he returned as a night shift foreman eventually moving up the ranks to production manager, plant manager, seafood buyer and operations manager. In 1996, Mackey became president of Orca Bay which was then a $30 million business. Today it has grown to over $160 million and employs about 200 “Orcans” in Seattle, WA.

Who We Are

Orca Bay is an energetic and creative food products and services company providing a variety of exceptional seafood choices for more than 30 years. Our success is owed to a winning blend of quality, value and innovation – it’s a formula that distinguishes every level of our business. From our people, to our products, to the clients that we serve, our goal will always be to exceed expectations and to keep the Orca Bay whale synonymous with true quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Products & Process

Quality is numero uno – seafood that’s on a par with stuff in the fresh case, if not even better. Our portions are meal-sized and ready for the pan or oven or grill. Thawing instructions are clear and simple and our recipe base keeps on growing.

Our state-of-the art production center in Renton, WA makes us proud to remain as one of the great American seafood processors. The premium fish that we bring to you is frozen immediately after harvest at the very peak of freshness. The product is then expressed to our climate controlled facility where it is skillfully portioned and packed with an unwavering eye towards quality and food safety.

Our Support

Orca Bay is committed to supporting organizations which promote our values in business, health and social responsibility such as: