Sockeye Salmon

Our well-established partnerships in Bristol Bay deliver the very finest wild fish Alaska offers – much of it from an all-refrigerated fleet. It’s then portioned and packed at a facility that exceeds our rigorous QC standards, so rest assured.

Pacific Cod

As odd as it sounds, cod could be considered the Levi’s of the seafood world – traditionally popular, straightforward, dependable & satisfying. Our Alaska fillets will exceed expectations, they are skinned & trimmed to party white plumpness & deliver that big lustrous flake that is the calling card of this enduring favorite.

Halibut Portions

Our wild caught halibut portions are skinless, boneless, & plump – the filet mignon of whitefish, you could say. Being hand cut portions, there are varying shapes in each bag – from thick, block pieces to portions that are wider & less chunky. They all cook up to white opaque evenness & are exceptional.

Keta Salmon

Keta is one of the best values in wild Alaska salmon and its mild character keeps it approachable to consumers who are a tad shy of full-flavored seafood. All of our fish is harvested in Alaska – some of it gets frozen and then shipped over to China where it’s portioned and packed. Because of this, those bags must list China as the country of origin.

Pink Salmon

If flaky and unassertive is what you’re after (and many folks are) then pink salmon is a natural choice. The lions-share of this fish goes to the canned market but more and more of the choicest catch is being filleted for the home cook & restaurants. Pink is a nice change-up to the richer sockeye and like all salmon, it’s simply healthy.