Orca Bay Fish Cake Bites

Combine fish, green onion, parsley, eggs, and bread crumbs in a large bowl; mix well. Scoop out large heaping tablespoons and form into balls. Place on a sheet pan about 1 inch apart. Use a plate or another sheet pan to slightly flatten into cakes. Heat cooking oil in pan on medium-high heat. Pan fry cakes until golden about 2 minutes a side.

Whiskey-Steamed Alaska Halibut

A few words from Chef Erik Slater on this Whiskey-Steamed Alaska Halibut recipe…

Some might think this is a waste of whiskey, but I disagree. When you pair a deep oaky bottle of hooch with the legendary leviathan of Alaska, you get a subtle hint of the Angel’s share and a taste of the devil’s share – all with a supreme piece of fish. Usually my rule is cook with what you drink, but in this case, it’s okay to use the cheap stuff.


Bring about 1-inch of whiskey to a boil in a deep frying pan; turn off heat. Place metal steamer basket in pan and open up sides. Line the steamer with lettuce, herbs, onion or citrus slices (without covering all the holes) to keep seafood from sticking. Rinse any ice glaze from frozen Alaska Halibut under cold water; place fillets in steamer.

Return whiskey to a boil. Cover pan loosely and steam 5 to 7 minutes for frozen halibut or 4 to 5 minutes for fresh/thawed fish. Cook just until seafood is opaque throughout. Season with salt.

Serve with roasted vegetables.

Nutrients per serving (without sides): 164 calories, 4g total fat, 1g saturated fat, 23% calories from fat, 102mg cholesterol, 29g protein, 2.5g carbohydrate, 0g fiber, 352mg sodium, 28mg calcium and 960mg omega-3 fatty acids.

Photo & Recipe courtesy of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute & Chef Erik Slater of Seward, AK.


Orca Bay Swai Po Boy

  1. Put seasoned flour and beaten eggs in separate round cake pans or plates. Mix cornmeal, flour and cayenne in a third pan. Pour oil in a deep dutch oven or 8 qt. pot and heat to 375 degrees.
  2. Dredge swai fillets through seasoned flour, egg mixture, and cornmeal mixture. Be sure to shake off excess in between each step.
  3. Carefully place 2-3 fillets in heated oil. Cook for about 3 minutes and scoop out with wire strainer onto a pan lined with paper to absorb oil. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Build your sandwich with toasted baguette, mayonnaise, swai, lettuce, pickles and tomatoes and a few shots of hot sauce if you dare.

The Best Fish Sandwich Ever

(Big claim, we know, but we’d never make it if it weren’t true…)

We don’t always fry foods, but sometimes you need a real fish sandwich – This is the way to do because its scrumptious crisp-ity, crunch-ity goodness. The alcohol in batter makes this work; I saw it in a book and am sticking with it. Be sure your oil is at temperature or you will have soggy breading – Don’t overcrowd the oil, the temperature will drop too much and you will have soggy breading. Peanut and rice bran are good oils because can handle the high temperatures and not burn, and you can tell when its burned or bad – it smells off and you don’t want to wreck your dinner and your hard work.



-Preheat oil to 350

– Mix 1c flour with starch, powder, soda, salt paprika

– Place another 1/2 cup flour mixture in a bowl dredge cod fillets and set on a sheet pan

-Whisk in beer and gin, in needs to be thick like hollandaise

-Dip cod into batter and allow excess to drip off

-Gently put into oil for 3 minutes a side until golden

-Remove from oil and allow to drain on paper/cooling rack

-Build burgers with lettuce and tomato on the bottom – then the cod piece and top with tartar/bun



Grilled Swai with Citrus-Chili Sauce

sCook the noodles using package instructions. Brush the fish with a mixture of oil and garlic, season with salt and pepper (if desired). Grill, broil, or fry the fish – about 4 minutes each side.

Mix the sauce ingredients together and spoon over the cooked fillets. Garnish with a sprinkle of the chopped cilantro and carrot.