These outstanding swordfish steaks come with skin-on & many will display the signature mustache – a curved whisp of darker flesh that travels down the loin and graces each steak. The swordfish originate in South east Asia & Orca Bay goes to great lengths verifying the chain of custody in every load that we source.

Yellowfin Tuna

These lean & delicious tuna steaks are sourced from a variety of reliable harvesters across the globe & the steaking takes place at facilities totally adherent to “the Orca Bay way”. ¬†Our retail pack¬†features tuna exclusively sourced from artisinal handline fisheries – a more selective & sustainable harvesting method.

Mahi Mahi

Amazingly popular – Mahi has made the leap from beachfront grills to your local supermarket & the affection is well deserved. Our pack gestures skinless boneless portions that range from blocky cuts to longer bar-shaped fillets trimmed from the sleek tapered loins. Light, lean mahi just exudes healthiness & any cooking style works.