We have had one of our busiest (new product launches & a warehouse move!) and best years in the last 32 years of Orca Bay’s existence. One of the main highlights has been establishing relationships with a small select group of seafood lovers. Our first Orca Bay Blog Ambassador is Sarah Trenalone of Champagne Tastes: Pescatarian Recipes. We are delighted to share the same passion for seafood and love how natural our relationship evolved with her. Although most of us at Orca Bay have been in the seafood world for decades we still learned new tricks and tips from Sarah including how to grill our sockeye sides and also discovered her amazing kentucky bourbon cod.
We asked Sarah to take a short break from her culinary adventures and to let us in on the wonderfully creative and passionate voice behind Champagne Tastes.


1.  Tell us about your journey to becoming a pescatarian. 

Over the years, I’ve noticed that red meat makes me feel– icky– and that the white meats I craved were usually processed meats like lunch meat.  Eventually, I decided to try to cut processed meats out of my diet.  A combination of a vegetarian diet along with plenty of seafood is what makes me feel my best! (Plus, seafood is DEEEEELISH!)
2.  Favorite seafood? 
I love seafood with strong flavors, like ahi tuna and salmon!
If you aren’t sure what fish you love, my advice is to stick with high-quality seafood.  When I first tried ahi tuna, I LOVED it, but then I tried a lot of ‘eh’ ahi tuna.  Orca Bay’s ahi tuna is, without fail, spectacular (and I love that it doesn’t have chemical additives).  If you aren’t convinced that high-quality really makes a difference in flavor– try a side by side comparison! *You can find her Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna recipe here*
3. Who are your culinary heroes? 
Julia Child– because she was ADORABLE, and her recipes never fail me!
I’m also constantly amazed by my friend Melanie– not only because she’s an amazing cook, but also because she generously shares her meals, food wisdom, and time.  (She also happens to be my blog proof-reader!)
A selfie with Julia Child
4.  A typical day as a food blogger:
I’m still figuring this out! I don’t work every day, but on days that I do work, I’m trying to start out at the gym.  Then, I come back and work on the writing that goes along with the recipes.  I usually cook and photograph any food later on in the day, when the sunlight is prettiest.
5.  What are your other passions outside of food?
I’m a Jehovah’s Witness, and volunteer 2-3 days a week offering and teaching free Bible studies, as well as helping with construction projects!  Volunteering is the reason that I wanted to find part-time work, and it’s been a rewarding and satisfying career!
I also love to travel, and for the last two years, the husband and I have been taking road trips across America to see and hike the national parks!  This past summer, we hiked the Grand Canyon all the way from the south rim to the Colorado River, camped at the bottom, and back up.  It was one of the most amazingly beautiful things I’ve ever seen.  Our other favorite spots were Arches in Utah, and White Sands in New Mexico.
6.  Who do you cook for?
I mainly cook for my seafood-loving husband.  He’s my always-willing taste tester, and loves to eat!
I also love cooking for our families, and wish that happened more often!
Sarah & her husband, her primary taste tester
7. Favorite seafood dish for the holidays? 
My family and I don’t celebrate the holidays, but I do love serving seafood at special occasions!  Instead of sticking with one favorite, I usually try to find out what kind of seafood my guests love, and go from there.
8.  When you do go out to eat – favorite restaurant/favorite dish?
Extra spicy Indian curries are my comfort food!  When I travel, I love to find Ethiopian and seafood restaurants.
9. What are your current favorite seafood media outlets of the moment?
I love food podcasts!  My favorites are ‘The Splendid Table‘ and ‘Gastropod.’
We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about Sarah and her love for seafood. We highly suggest following her on all social media platforms. (Be warned if you are hungry.) Stay tuned for our next “Behind the Blog” with Dana from Killing Thyme!


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