What is a pescetarian?
pes·ce·tar·i·an noun: a person who does not eat meat but does eat fish.  (FUN FACT: You can also spell it pescatarian. Same, same.)
Fish fate brought us one of the most talented and passionate pescatarians out there, Dana Sandonato. Dana is the owner of Killing Thyme, a pescatarian blog. She is self described as “freelance food writer + blogger with a healthy appetite, a taste for culinary adventure, a thirst for good beers, and an endless hunger for food photography. I’m exuberant, unswerving, funny, and loving with a sparkling dash of misanthropy.” Besides her amazing Pan-Seared Orca Bay Cod in Herb and Garlic Butter Sauce with Pesto Pasta (say that 3 times quickly!) recipe you can also find other seafood centric meals including a soon to be published Orca Bay Alaska Sockeye Salmon recipe next month!
Killing Thyme’s Pan-Seared Cod in Herb and Garlic Butter Sauce with Pesto Pasta
Dana was kind enough to fill us in on how she came about being a seafoodie and what goes on in her day-to-day.
1.  Tell us about your decision to become pescatarian.
In 2015, I said to a colleague that I was “one more animal cruelty Facebook post away from becoming a vegetarian”. Though I *sort of* said it in jest, there was some truth to it. At the end of 2015, I was toying with the idea of going vegetarian for the month of January as a test. I told my husband that if it weren’t for my love of seafood, I could probably go veg no problem — to which he replied, “Why don’t you go pescatarian?” I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I had no idea that was even a THING. So you could imagine my excitement. My plan was to do it for a month, but I stuck with it and never looked back. And because everyone asks: No, I don’t miss bacon.
Balance is key! We love that Dana is not only a gamer but also an urban farmer.


2.  Did you notice any significant changes when switching over?
Did I ever! Since I’m a big fan of salmon, I eat it at least twice a week. My once problematic complexion improved dramatically, I now have a nice glow, my hair is healthier, and I’ve been feeling better overall.
3.  Favorite seafood?
Right now, I’m hooked (bad pun?) on Orca Bay’s Alaska Sockeye Salmon. You just can’t compete with good quality wild-caught sustainable fish, and the price tag is beyond worth it; it’s such a win. I’m also all about a good ahi tuna steak and I’ve been a sucker for scallops and clams since I was a little girl. Can I just say ALL the seafood?
  4.  Who are your Culinary heroes?
I grew up in Canada, and though I was familiar with many notable American chefs, my heart has always been with my fellow Canucks like Lynn Crawford, Ricardo Larrivée, Chuck Hughes, and David Rocco. Their approach to cooking is wholesome and honest while still thinking outside the box. But I will say that over the last two years I’ve developed an appreciation for Giada DeLaurentiis. She’s really helped me connect to Ialian cuisine, which is great bebcause I married into an Italian family!
5.  What is a typical day behind “Killing Thyme”?
Besides being distracted by my heart-stealing cat, Tilly, I’m either cooking, writing, photographing, or eating cold food after a photo shoot (food bloggers rarely eat warm food on shooting day, just so you know). I also try to make time for research on sustainability and seafood recipes. My goal is to be constantly evolving with my recipes so that I can offer my readership dishes that are approachable, but innovative and fun.
Tilly the cat helping develop recipes with his handy “Finley” notebook.
6.  What are your other passions outside of cooking?
Over the last year, I’ve developed a mad love for running (never thought those words would escape my mouth). I’m also an avid video gamer, TV series binge-watcher, nerdy strategy board game player, reader, and urban gardener.
7.  Who do you cook for?
Mostly my husband, Nick, but I love cooking for friends and family as well. My favorite time of year is Thanksgiving. My husband, myself, and all of our friends live far away from our families, so every year we host “Friendsgiving” and it’s such a feel-good time with food, warmth, and laughter. Our group of friends is like a giant family, really.
Dana of Killing Thyme with her husband Nick.
8.  Favorite seafood dish for the holidays?
Growing up, I’d eat half the shrimp ring that was brought out on Christmas eve. Though I still manage to secretly do this, I love a smoked sockeye fillet, a hearty seafood pasta, or a creamy bisque of some sort.
9.  When you do go out to eat – favorite restaurant/favorite dish?
My husband and I honor Taco Tuesday on a weekly basis by going to our fave neighborhood taco joint, and they have a “Pow Pow Shrimp Taco” that is to die for. Another fave of mine is this Sicilian gastropub nearby that is on-point with their ahi tuna; you can get it over a salad or in a sandwich, and it’s perfection every time. And basically anywhere I can get a big and beautiful bowl of pho.
10. What are your favorite food websites/blog/instagrams?
I’m in love with the “Splendid Table” podcast; it’s gotten me through many long road trips. When it comes to my Instagram feed, The Modern Proper (@themodernproper) and Justin McChesney (@justin_mw) tend to make me swoon with their content the most.

Don’t forget to check out Dana’s Orca Bay Cod recipe and enter her giveaway for your own cod straight do YOUR door via Orca Direct!


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