What is Common Sense Seafood?

Simply put, it’s Orca Bay’s dedication to responsible stewardship and wise business practices. It means targeting well-managed fisheries that are built for the long run. It means partnering with quality-minded providers whose ethics are in tune with ours. And it means providing our customers with all the delicious, nutritious fits that seafood has to offer. Orca Bay follows a fairness-based approach that embraces the fact that our business health goes hand in hand with the health of our oceans.

A Sense of Pride

With our state-of-the-art production center in Renton, Washington, Orca Bay is proud to remain one of the great American seafood processors. The premium fish that we bring to you is frozen immediately after harvest at the very peak of freshness. The product is then expressed to our climate-controlled facility where it is skillfully portioned and packed with an unwavering eye towards quality. We employ a team of over 200 professionals –f rom fish sawyers to quality assurance specialists to distribution experts. All of us take tremendous pride in bringing the very finest seafood to your table.

A Sense of Confidence

When you see the Orca Bay whale, you know that you’re purchasing the highest quality frozen seafood available – always all natural and additive free. Be it Sockeye from Alaska, Mahi from Ecuador or Swordfish from Singapore, we’re picky about our partnerships. The Orca Bay team travels to the source and makes sure that the attention to detail and commitment to food safety is as solid at the harvest port as it is back at our headquarters. Every incoming lot is tested, and on-pack coding provides us with traceability for each and every product. It’s good to know that when you choose Orca Bay, you’re tapping into a company that has been dedicated to delicious, nutritious, and reliable frozen seafood for over a quarter century.

A Sense of Responsibility

Orca Bay has made a commitment to follow an internationally recognized and independent science based approach to sourcing our products from those companies that adhere to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries

  • Orca Bay’s purchasing staff reviews all government data as it pertains to quotas,
    catch records, and import regulations
  • Orca Bay is an active member of The National Fisheries Institute  with our President/CEO
    having served on its Board of Directors
  • Orca Bay is a source of Marine Stewardship Council certified seafood for “chain of custody” contracted products

Here’s a quick reference to Fish Choice’s directory, check it frequently for updates. If you ever have any questions at all about our products, their origin, or how to better enjoy it email us at info@orcabayfoods.com.

A Sense of Integrity

Orca Bay is committed to ensuring that workers are treated with respect and dignity and that working conditions in its supply chain are safe. In addition it is expected that the business activities of its suppliers are in accordance with applicable international, national and local environmental and sustainability laws and associated regulations. To do business with Orca Bay Seafoods Inc., each supplier agrees to abide by or exceed these principles not only for its own in house business, but also to ensure that the Standards are applied throughout their supply chains.

Suppliers shall uphold the human rights of workers and treat them with the respect and dignity expected by the international community in all places of business. Suppliers shall ensure that each worker is treated equally, including in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement, without regard to race, caste, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identification, family responsibility, union membership or political affiliation.

Employment shall be freely chosen. There shall be no forced, bonded or involuntary prison labor. Under no circumstances shall suppliers engage in or support Human Trafficking in any form. Further, there shall be no recruitment of child labor. All employees shall be of legal age as established by local law.

Orca Bay has a simple mission statement to “do business honestly, honorably and show continuous improvement.” We strive to align ourselves with supplier partners who share similar values with ours. Our sourcing policy which we refer to as Common Sense Seafood further expands our mission statement to include: “a dedication to responsible stewardship and wise business practices. Targeting well-managed fisheries that are built for the long run, it also means partnering with quality minded suppliers whose ethics are in tune with ours. It is our fairness based approach that embraces the fact that our business health goes hand in hand with the health of our oceans.”

In a nutshell when our customers buy our seafood we want them to feel confident that it has been produced under acceptable conditions. That means our products have been produced:

  • Lawfully, through fair and honest dealing
  • Without exploiting the people who made them
  • In decent working conditions
  • Without damaging the environment





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