As 2016 winds down we couldn’t be more grateful that YOU are deciding to #choosefish. According to NOAA  the per capita consumption in U.S. increased by almost one pound in 2015 from 2014. This 6.1% increase year-over-year is the largest % increase in 25 years!

We decided to thank YOU, fellow seafood lovers, for thinking of us when choosing fish. On the 12 Days of Fishmas we will be randomly selecting Orca Bay Instagram & Facebook followers to receive gifts. Here’s how to participate:

#1 Follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook (this is most essential so that we can notify you if are selected and ensure you receive your gift)


#2 Post your fish photos and tag us @orcabayseafoods and hashtag #choosefish or #fishmas (be sure your post is public otherwise we won’t see it and won’t be able to count it. the more you do this the greater your chances are of being selected!)

Gift recipients will be announced on our facebook page Monday-Friday at 11:00am PST (we’re in Seattle!) beginning MONDAY December 12, 2016 and ending FRIDAY December 23, 2016. (You will have 24 hours from the post to claim your prize otherwise it will be forfeited to another lucky recipient!)

Gifts include: Orca Bay swag for your closet & kitchen, Sea A Cure partner’s Drifters Fish smoked copper river salmonAlaska Salmon Sisters MugsOrca Direct seafood & credit, Center of Whale Research memberships, and a month supply of Orca Bay Seafood!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We’re here to hear, as always.

Best Fishes & Happy Holidays,

All of us at Orca Bay Seafoods


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